Let yourself be loved


Today I was catching up with a never-ending mass of blog posts on Bloglovin when I came across the quote above on Sincerely Kinsey. It felt so poignant after a ‘misunderstanding’ this morning with my boy where I took something he said more offensively than I really should have. I asked him why he’s with me if he felt this certain way about me and he told me that he loved me for who I am.

I’m not perfect and I have so many flaws that my fingers and toes wouldn’t be enough to count them and yet someone in this world sees me for all that I am and still wants to be a part of my life for some strange reason.

So I just want to say to anyone else out there who doesn’t feel like they deserve to be loved at the moment – that it’s absolutely okay to allow yourself to be. Be yourself, because there’s someone out there waiting for someone exactly like you.


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