Hiking in Dingli


I’ve fallen in love with Malta all over again. This happens pretty often especially when I turn my head away from the concrete jungle and step into nature (or just turn my head to the sea for that matter).


The weather was beautiful. Not in a glorious sunshine kind of way but in a storm clouds over the sea, sun hiding between the clouds scattering light onto the sea in a magical kind of way type of beautiful.

We hiked through parts of Dingli that I never even realised were so accesible. We trekked challenging slippery hills that put my fitness to the test (and I’ve climbed a mountain over 4000 metres high this year guys).

How incredible is this world that we live in?





Can you see the rain?
Hiking 1st November
Smiles all around!

By the way, I’m the happy girly top centre!


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