Autumn transition

 photo IMG_3609_zps4np37ocv.jpg

It always takes a bit of time to get over a migraine; a bit like a hangover really. Yesterday was one of those days where my brain just wanted to implode and nothing I did made me feel any better. I think it must have been the groggy weather.

Today, thankfully I feel much better (apart from the aforementioned hangover feeling) and I’ve been pretty proactive so far! The mister and I went for a walk to check out the progress on something very close to our hearts – more on that to come soon! We had a little coffee and croissant breakfast and then came back home. I’ve sorted through some of my clothes to donate and done some wardrobe swapsies (bye bye summer clothes). I made a ‘last chance pile’ for clothes that I still like but I’ve grown out of (yes by that I mean I’ve gained some extra pounds) but I’ll give myself a year to get back into them/see if I still like them.

Fun times!

Now here I am typing this out on the floor of my bedroom because the boy is fast asleep after a night shift and sprawled out on the bed bless him. I’ve been looking through photos which coincidentally were taken around the same time last year and I thought I would share with you all here.

Hope you’re having a fantabulous day!

 photo IMG_3625_zpsa34jfwpk.jpg

 photo IMG_3612_zpswnmgp82f.jpg

 photo IMG_3606_zpsfzcbh8kr.jpg

 photo IMG_3611_zpsidc45u9k.jpg

 photo IMG_3621_zpsk5p5knbt.jpg
My lovely Lucy

 photo IMG_3638_zpsnhjws0hl.jpg

 photo IMG_3637_zpsl70mqnif.jpg

 photo IMG_3630_zpsvit15sbj.jpg

 photo IMG_3636_zpsif62vkib.jpg

 photo IMG_3633_zps5jdodn28.jpg


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