The Great Outdoors

 photo IMG_0029_zpsr1pxf0a4.jpg  photo IMG_0054_zps6avagpip.jpg

 photo IMG_0059_zps9hhk7hya.jpg

 photo IMG_0064_zpsbdhfe6j7.jpg

 photo IMG_0092_zpsv7qn8wnl.jpg

 photo IMG_0071_zps68c9ynrp.jpg

 photo IMG_0075_zpsp7pr7jip.jpg

 photo IMG_0083_zpslsocc3bl.jpg

 photo IMG_0088_zpstf7jujcs.jpg

 photo IMG_0077_zpsp1sf3sol.jpg

We took a long hike around the outskirts of Xemxija, Selmun and Mellieha for my 28th Birthday last year. Good times! I haven’t been back to this area for a long time so I think it calls for another hike off the beaten track.


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