The land of ice and fire – Iceland [Part I]

   photo DSC_0482_zpssuayeg43.jpg

Around seven years ago I was stood around the bar of my dads pub (or what was my dads pub back then) discussing the possibility…no, the certainty, of going to Iceland one day.

The northern lights, whale watching, glaciers and mountain views…what could be more appealing to a girl who loves being one with nature?

Fast forward to 2015 and I can finally say that this country has been ticked off of my bucket list – but only just! I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface with this magnificent country and a re-visit is definitely on the books. We’re thinking a road trip is in order!

 photo IMG_3941_zps5hniovtq.jpg

Our base for this seven day stop was Reykjavik which I found to be a modest little city (but the largest city in Iceland) full of colour and character. I also found that I felt secure; none of that peering over my shoulder suspiciously when withdrawing money from a cash-point feeling that I get in some cities. I think that the fact that it’s still a tradition for parents to park their pram outside of a cafe (with baby warmly bundled up inside said pram) while they sit next to the window having a coffee or lunch is a safe bet that you’re going to be okay and no one means you any harm.

 photo IMG_3947_zpss3jikjpk.jpg

We balanced our days out well with walks around the city to explore as well as trips to some well known areas of Iceland. I’m a nature girl so any opportunity I can get to leave the urban jungle I jump at! Mushy took a tiny bit more convincing but I’m pretty certain he was happy to let me lead on.

Here are some highlights from our days in the city!

 photo IMG_3893_zpsydwugut4.jpg

Beautiful views just a few minutes out of the city centre!

 photo IMG_3901_zpsqpnltn8e.jpg

 photo IMG_3913_zps2wswek38.jpg

Colours everywhere ^_^

 photo IMG_3988_zpsvnmkz4me.jpg

Lake Tjornin frozen over

 photo Icelandcollage_zpsnyksbdfp.png

The locals have a quirky sense of humour!

 photo IMG_3974_zpsgpffdndr.jpg

We visited Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral – the view of the city from the top is beautiful but you’ll need to pay (it isn’t expensive though). On the right of the photo below is a statue of Leifur Eiriksson who is said to be the first European to discover America. Records suggest that he landed in America 500 years before Christopher Columbus! *fun fact*

 photo IMG_3917_zpszogy6rqr.jpg

We ate mushroom soup in a bread bowl! I was so excited to see a little tavern specialising in it and it was delicious! Visit Svarta Kaffi if you get a chance to – Mushy even ate the bread bowl too! It’s also probably the cheapest meal we ate in Reykjavik.

 photo DSC_0343_zpsiju60x2u.jpg

Please excuse my terrible foodie pic, the photo was a last minute thought before I devoured it all :)

Quirkiest and most extraordinary place we visited: The Icelandic Phallogical Museum

Well what can I say? It’s a museum specialising in the mammal penises of Iceland. You’ll find a collection of over 200 specimens (some were as long as I am tall) and it’s actually kind of fascinating…and a little intimidating.

The best coffee: Reykjavik Roasters

A small coffee shop close to the Cathedral. I loved the fact that despite there being no tables left, the barrista actually made the effort to bring together some random pieces of furniture to make a table and chairs for us to sit on. It was like sitting at the kids table at a birthday party!

Delicious vegetarian/vegan food: Glo

Great portions and variety to choose from. It was nice to grab something healthy after a long day. They also do a meat option if you really can’t resist.

We stayed at: OK Hotel

This is more of an apartment than a hotel and that was more than OK with us! The location is excellent and the rooms are all unique. We just loved it and would definitely stay there again. If you’re looking for luxury and room service I would suggest you skip it though as this is really self catering.

Stay tuned for Part 2!


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