The coldest day of my life – Iceland [Part II]

 photo DSC_0045_zpsoi25lggu.jpg

On our first full day in Iceland we booked a whale watching and northern lights (by boat) tour. Our reasoning behind starting with this tour was that if by any chance we didn’t spot any whales, we’d have the opportunity to try again before leaving.

We headed for the Elding boat and got into our overalls, which trust me, if you’re going to Iceland in January/February, you will need. I’m pretty sure I would have ended up with pneumonia without that extra layer!

Here’s us looking super chic –

 photo superchic_zpsmle3bx8r.jpg

We chose to take this trip with Elding because they are the most environmentally friendly whale watching tour in Iceland. It’s really important to us that these gentle giants are treated with the utmost respect and this goes for every other species that the boat comes into contact with. There is no sonar equipment used to locate the whales; it’s entirely dependent on the day and the food in the area which obviously attracts them.

 photo IMG_3845_zpsym7pcw2y.jpg

 photo IMG_3784_zps7vkwsorg.jpg

 photo IMG_3812_zps64btm1vx.jpg

 photo IMG_3829_zps6mpiefih.jpg

 photo IMG_3820_zpsxusnbllf.jpg

It snowed pretty heavily which made it quite difficult to see! Taking photos was also a challenge. My hands have never felt so cold and I was genuinely afraid of getting frostbite on my toes. My circulation is pretty poop at the best of times. Unfortunately it wasn’t our day for seeing whales in the wild so that’s still on my bucket list left unticked however we did see many white beaked dolphins so it wasn’t all in vain.

I would definitely recommend Elding as the company to choose for your whale watching experience. Our guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable; you could tell that she loved her job despite probably freezing her butt off at the highest point of the boat and her excitement was quite infectious (to me at least).

In the evening we took the northern lights boat trip with Elding and were fortunate enough to see a beautiful spectacle for about ten minutes (my second time!). The cloud gods were sadly not on our side for the remaining two hours but considering the weather, I think we got pretty lucky :) Despite the bitter cold we sat outside for the majority of the trip in the hopes of catching further glimpses of the light show playing above our heads.

Have you ever been whale watching or seen the northern lights?

Post in the comments and let me know your experience! x


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