Setting an intention – not a resolution



It’s two hours before the clocks strike midnight in Malta. My friends are out celebrating another year drawing to a close (or otherwise known as any excuse to get drunk and be merry).

This year I decided to do something different to the mostly disappointing new years eves I have celebrated in the past.

Disappointing because my expectations are always far too high. I expect some euphoric feeling as the bell tolls for the new year and yet, for the most part it has been a haze. Too many people crammed into too small venues, feelings of frustration as you try to locate your friends in the crowd and ultimately sharing the celebration with a complete stranger who is either also lost or completely off their face and stinking like an ash tray.

Not this year though.

This year I came home from work, played some board games with my nephew, niece and Dad, played some Final Fantasy 7, uploaded all of my photos from 2015 to Facebook so my parents would stop asking me when I would finally post them (just in time, phew!), wrote a soppy message to my man who is in Wales with his parents until January 3rd and now I’m sitting here with a cold glass of something resembling Baileys while I sit here and write for the first time in a long time on my blog.

Sue me for being boring but hangovers are the absolute devil and I intend to avoid them from now on at all costs. Even if it means FOMO (fear of missing out). Forever a-lone-r!

I’ve never been a fan of making resolutions. They’re often insincere and broken before the first week actually ends, however I do love the idea that people want to make a change because mostly it’s for the good of themselves and others.

When I used to go to yoga classes my teacher would ask us to set an intention for something we’d like to achieve in our practice. Usually my silent intention was to not quit half way through (power yoga is tough work). Seriously though, I’ve decided that I’m going to set an intention for 2016.

My intention is going to be to challenge myself. This is a vast subject for me because there are so many areas of my life where I need to challenge myself.

Tonight is just a prime example. I don’t want to go out but I do enjoy being around awesome people and getting drunk. I’ve just opened Facebook and seen some of my favourite people in one photo and I’m pretty sure they’re at a bar just down the road. My first reaction was to send a message to my friend and ask where they are. Yes, this is coming from the boring person who said she didn’t want to go out just a few minutes ago. I’m a weak person. That being said, I chose to simply ‘like’ the photo and carry on this post. Yes, I’m sure they’ll have an awesome time and continue to grow that friendship together but I will go to bed with a restful mind ready to take on the challenges of the next 365 days.

This post has been a bit longer than I intended it to be, maybe I rambled on a bit but that’s okay.

What intention would you like to set to carry on through the new year?

Whatever you’re doing this evening, I hope you’re having the time of your life. Be safe, be happy, stay positive!

Much love xo


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