Life in 2015

2016 has arrived and in full Simmy style so has a flu to welcome me through the gates of a new year!

I’ve been off of work for three days with the bloomin’ thing and I feel I’m at the last stages – coughing up my phlegm covered lungs (lovely).

Things can only get better from here though right? And on the upside it’s given me the opportunity to concentrate on my blog, read and get more cuddle time with my girl Lucy (that’s our family dog).

I’m also blogging full time from my brand new Macbook Pro! It’s so pretty ^_^

I thought I would write a little post to summarise the last year. When you look back it seems like a blur. Time really does speed up the older you get.

The beginning of the year started off a bit shaky for me on a personal level but has gone from strength to strength since.

Here are some highlights of 2015:

  • I travelled to more countries. This year saw me visiting Iceland, Morocco, Italy and Belgium.
  • I only went and climbed a mountain. The highest peak in North Africa to be exact.
  • Lloyd moved over to Malta! It feels amazing to be living together after such a long time.
  • We signed the contract for our home loan and our apartment is currently in construction. Home owners here we come!
  • I was promoted to a new position at work. This has been quite a change for me and not one that came easily but I am gradually feeling more comfortable in my role.
  • I spent my first Christmas with Lloyd #lifegoals

Looking back; this year was a bit of a rollercoaster. Full of highs and lows but I feel like I’ve finally regained some balance and am started to create the life I want to live with my mister at my side.

Iceland – End of January/February

Morocco – March: Mount Toubkal climb – 4,167m

Photos here are by the wonderful Diana and Keith

Italy – Rome: April

Belgium – Brussels: December

Spending time with these lovely people (and animal):

The start of something new:


I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016. It’s all about challenging, nurturing and creating…with hopefully plenty of travel in the mix!

How was your 2015? If you have a blog post, why not link me?



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