Weekly round up

img_6306_zpsx3akkrudGood morning beautiful people! Or evening or afternoon depending on what time you may be happening to read this…

In a bid to keep my memories alive, I would like to make this weekly round up a ritual for the year to highlight the things that have made me happy or even just made me think. Since I’ve started this two weeks into January; this is a post combining the first fortnight of the year.

♡ My awesome nephew and niece stayed over and we had a little sleepover in my room! It was actually a lot of fun and I discovered a lot more about them than I realised (including playground gossip involving girlfriends, boyfriends and sneaky kisses on the cheek!). I also discovered that a double bed is not enough room for three people and that the littlest people take up the most room!

♡ Lloyd and I found some time to check out the progression of our first home. It’s definitely a little higher than the last time we visited though we’re still a little puzzled by the architecture at the moment!

♡ I started the 52 Lists Project and so far I’m loving it.

♡ We started eating healthily. Every meal this week has been homemade and in just a week I’m feeling the difference…the scale is a telltale sign of this. It’s moving down slowly; ♡but it’s moving.

♡ I’ve practised yoga five days in a row! If you haven’t yet discovered Yoga with Adriene, you should definitely go and check her out. I’ve been practicing with her videos on and off for a few years now. She’s amazing! She’s currently running a free 30 day yoga boot camp (which is what I’m following at the moment).

♡ This was the first full week of work that I’ve done since the middle of December! Holidays and sickness have cut short my days at work for awhile now. I was happy to get through a full five days without our system going down. Cue Maria & Whitney’s ‘When you believe’.

♡ We have a shower that runs water properly for the first time in at least six months! It was getting to the point where I was going to start filling up a bucket instead of putting up with the trickle of tepid water we were calling a shower. It may not be that cold in Malta but winter + tepid is never a good combination…although I know a couple of people who swear by cold showers.

♡ I’m on my second book of the year! I think I must have read about 3-4 books in total last year so this is an accomplishment. I’m reading all of the Harry Potter books.

Confession: I have never read all of the books before.

♡ I am loving my morning routine! Unfortunately as I work shifts, this routine needs to be tweaked weekly but this week I’ve been working the 3pm shifts so I’ve been waking up at 8am every day, reading, having a nice breakfast and coffee, catching up with blog posts, exercising and yoga. I’ve also been making time every day to show some self love. Hair, face, teeth, feet, body. I’m a pampered pooch!

Terrible photo of me but I love this anyway <3
Happy with progress!
Smiles all round it seems!
Book two.
Power cuts = games night by gas light!

How was your week? xo

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