Weekly round up

Another week has passed by and we’re almost on to the last week of January – yikes!

I’m kind of relieved because it means my wage finally goes in and I can get a better idea of my finances. I’ve felt in a bit of shambles this week.

Here are the highlights (and lowlights) of this past week:

♡ I’ve managed to keep up with the yoga boot camp every day! It’s never too late to start so if you’re interested, the link is here. As Adriene will prove; yoga is no longer just for new age hippies.

♡ My card details were stolen and some douche bag had bought an Amazon Prime package on my behalf! I hope they enjoyed being a premium member for five days. I’m also hoping they will get caught soon. On the bright side Amazon customer service were awesome and immediately refunded the money back to my account. I can’t ask much more than that considering the circumstances.

♡ We finally decided on our next two trips! Not only did we decide but we booked our flights and hotels for under five hundred euros each! Ryanair sale FTW! Gdansk and Budapest, here we come :)

♡ I’ve exercised every day without fail and the scale is slowly moving in the right direction.

♡ I haven’t read much this week :( 10-7 shifts are an awkward one to work around and by the time I’m home and fed, I’m ready to just curl into bed and switch of my brain with some Pretty Little Liars. I’ll do my best to catch up with some reading today :)

♡ My aunt and uncle are over from the UK to visit! It’s been a couple of years so it’s been awesome seeing them :) I have so many nice memories of holidays with them up in Norfolk.

Fluffy flying saucer clouds
This little friend came to visit me during break
Pretty sunset
My little muffin
Awesome clouds!
More progress :)

Photos are all from my iPhone 4S (yes, yes I know it’s old)

How has your week been? xo

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